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My Sisters' Place

 We advocate on behalf of thousands of women and children trapped in human sex trafficking, modern-day slavery, and domestic violence all over the world.​​

Meet the Founder
                    Mia’s work on the issues of child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual violence have made her a highly-respected, engaging speaker and an expert in child abuse prevention.  She is widely recognized as an advocate for survivor empowerment throughout Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.  Mia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University. 
                   At the age of 15, Mia survived a childhood full of hidden horrors. She has suffered through physical, mental, and emotional traumas caused by her stepmother.  These traumas led to the silencing of her voice as she agonized with deeply buried emotional and physical pain.  The abuse was immediately magnified by anger and vulnerability. She chose to use her experience as a channel to fight against injustice.  She survived being homelessness and somehow found a way to turn her anger into a positive force for change. 
                     The common thread she shares with many survivors of abuse motivated her to work with former victims of child abuse.  With the aid of law enforcement and immigration authorities, she has fought the cause for victims in immigrant communities.  Mia personally works with local officials in Haiti to enact new laws in the parliament for the justice and reparations for victims of human trafficking.
Our Mission
Our Goal
Our History
We actively pursue the protection of the human rights of women and girls by combatting human trafficking and modern-day slavery in Haiti.
We exist to identify, rescue and restore those victimized and vulnerable to human trafficking by providing a safe environment, access to healthcare, technology and vocational education. We increase the opportunities available to the participants in our program. 
 In late 2005, Mia made a life changing decision which led to her establishing My Sister’s Place Haiti.  My Sister’s Place Haiti is now an established non-profit organization. 

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My Sister's Place Haiti is a 501 (c) 3 organization and depends on the gracious support of volunteers, donors, and corporations to keep cost to a minimum, improve the facility, and expand our outreach.

For more information on how to partner with My Sister's Place Haiti to impact the lives of victims of human trafficking please contact us
Call:  706-810-6128  or email: mysisterskeeperht@gmail.com.

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